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Sweet Crepes, Seitan Ravioli, Kebabs, and Tofu Fumé

June 25, 2010

Our experiments in home-made crepes, with our trusty crepe pan, continue, this time with a sweet raspberry sauce and a lemon-cashew drizzle.

To make these for breakfast, we used the same crepe recipe we used for the savory crepes, but also made a sweet and tangy raspberry sauce along with a cream-cheesy ganache. Both fillings were very simple. To make this sort of raspberry compote, you just cook some raspberries with a little water, some cornstarch, and some sugar, until the berries begin to break up. To make the cashew ganache, you can just mix some cashew butter with hazelnut milk, lemon juice, sugar, salt, and vanilla. These made for a fantastic breakfast, although next time I might try making the batter the night before, so that I don’t have to wait an hour while it sets in the morning!

In a little Parisian healthfood store news, we discovered that you can get vegan seitan ravioli at Naturalia, which is great if you’ve been working and walking all day, and don’t feel up for making dinner yourself.

I have to admit that, while this wasn’t a fancy dinner at all, it really hit the spot.

This past week, Graham and I were able to have lunch together on a few occasions, and on one of those occasions we decided to go back to Saveur Veget’Halles (which is just blocks from our apartment). There, we got some “chicken” skewers, along with a lovely carrot cake muffin.

If you like mock meat, the cooks at Saveur Veget’Halles really know what they’re doing. I really like having a place like this so close by–it’s almost entirely vegan (I think there’s one dish on their large menu that has some cheese in it), is very reasonably priced, and has teriffic desserts. We’re truly very lucky.

You’re now catching on to my love affair with Naturalia–I regularly eat their salads for lunch (when there are no leftovers), I get my nooch and flax seeds there, I buy stand-by canned goods there, and they have a wonderful selection of nut butters and vegan chocolate spreads. So, I can’t sing its praises loud enough. Well, I’ve found yet another reason to love Naturalia–they sell (quite cheaply) tofu fumé (smoked tofu) which is, frankly, incredible. When cooked, it smells a great deal like bacon (I think I see a BLT salad in the near future) but is, of course, about a million times better for you. I fried some up the other night, and served it on a bed of quinoa and red cabbage.

This was a fantastic, quick meal. I cooked the quinoa in some basil bouillon, while browning some onions, cabbage, and garlic. I then mixed the quinoa with the cabbage, and let that sit while I prepared the tofu. Since the tofu is already so flavorful, I just cut it into little triangles, dipped them in some nooch, and then sprinkled them with salt while I fried them on medium heat in a couple millimeters of olive oil. I’ll definitely be making this again when I’m a little short on time.

I think that that wraps up the back-logged posts. Hopefully I can now get into the habit of posting more regularly, with each post being a bit shorter. This weekend, Graham and I will be attending gay pride festivities, and may also pay a visit to the Paris Chinatown; perhaps I’ll run into some blog-worthy foodstuff along the way.

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  1. patricia leach permalink
    June 25, 2010 2:38 pm

    All I know is Graham is a very lucky man!

  2. Graham Leach-Krouse permalink
    June 26, 2010 7:05 am

    Undeniably: we’re planning on trying out chocolate banana crepes for Friday.

  3. June 26, 2010 8:42 am

    I think we’re *both* pretty lucky.

  4. Mary Bosch permalink
    June 27, 2010 10:12 pm

    I’m very interested in this smoked tofu! I’ve looked for red cabbage recipes, but just about all I can find is the typical German sweet-sour variety which actually would be great with smoked tofu. (Remember the scene from the Christmas Story where the mother is cooking meatloaf, mashed potatoes and a HUGE vat of red cabbage?) A great cold weather meal.

    I also found one with Swedish influences– also sweet/sour with red cabbage and dried cherries. Let me know if you’re interested in either one.

    The crepe looks beautiful. Did you sandwich the cream-cheesy filling in between two crepes? You could roll them. (Remember when Kramer imported two “Cubans” from Miami to make cigars in NYC? When it turned out that they were actually Dominicans, Kramer got them jobs rolling crepes at the Magic Pan. Good grief, I’ve been watching too much TV!)

    I do think you two are lucky. But you know me–I’d put it like this: brought together by the grace of the God and the Holy Spirit! Love you both!

    • June 30, 2010 3:42 pm

      I would love those recipes! It’s hard to say whether the necessary ingredients would be close-at-hand, but I’m willing to give it a try!

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