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Courgettes with Roasted Red Pepper Puree, Minty Carrots, and Quinoa

August 10, 2010

A few nights ago, I was trying to figure out what to do with yet more zucchinis, along with some red peppers and carrots. This is what I came up with.

I decided to brown the zucchini and serve it on top of some sort of sauce, and since I had these red peppers, a red pepper puree was the natural choice. 

So, first of all, I roasted garlic for the first time! It wasn’t too hard, although I think that the garlic I used may have been a little sub-par. I chopped off the pointy part of the bulb so that the inside of each clove was exposed, drizzled some olive oil over it, and wrapped it in tin-foil. I put it in the oven at about 180 celcius for approximately 60 minutes, and then it was done! I always loved it when my mom would make roasted garlic for spreading on bread, and this made cloves that would be perfect for that.

At the same time, I roasted some red peppers. I chopped them up, threw them in a pan with some salt and olive oil, and let them cook at 180 for more like 1/2 an hour, until they started to get a little brown.

Once all the roasting was done, I pureed (using our hand-blender, which got quite messy) the red peppers with a few of the roasted garlic cloves, water, salt, lemon juice, and herbs de provence. It turned out to have the consistency of tomato marinara, but (predictably) the flavor of roasted peppers and garlic. Because of all the roasting, it was actually quite sweet, and altogether delicious.

I finally browned some carrots and zucchini and cooked the quinoa. I served the carrots with some fresh mint on top, drizzled a little bit of the puree on the quinoa, and threw a splotch of puree on each plate and laid the zucchini on top of the splotch. And that was dinner. 

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  1. Mary Bosch permalink
    August 11, 2010 10:59 pm

    So good for you and so beautiful!

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