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Vegan in Cologne, Part 1: Govindam and Well Being

August 31, 2010

I thought I would dedicate a couple of posts to the wonderful food that we ate last week in Cologne (which will give me an excuse to say a bit about the other neat stuff we saw, as well).

We had a fantastic stay in Cologne. First of all, the apartment we found was perfect for the week–it was very pleasant, much cheaper than our hotel options, and just a ten minute walk from the university (where I needed to go daily). It also had this lovely view.

(No, that’s not the cathedral–it’s just a nearby church.)

Second, the city itself is unbelievably friendly–I’m not sure I’ve ever met such nice people. I was often spontaneously offered help and candy, and everyone was generally just extremely approachable.

Also, on my “day off,” we had a chance to see much of the city. First, we stopped by Kompakt records (an electronic music label which is famous for producing many compilations),

and then went on to explore the more central part of town. We loved how you could see the cathedral peeking out at you every once in a while,

as well as the super-efficient above-ground metro.

We finally made it down to the older part of the city, where we saw the cathedral,

explored some of the older city streets,

and drank Kolsch at a place with strange animatronic German musicians.

These were simply frightening.

But perhaps I should say something about some of the delicious food we ate. There was a vegetarian Indian restaurat, Govinadam, very close to our apartment where we ate several times for lunch.

You could get a complete vegan lunch for just about 6 euros, which included daal soup,

a vegetable stew, breads, basmati rice,

and a slightly sweet dessert made out of almond flour and raisins.

Graham also once got a seitan gyro plate, which was delicious.

All of the food here was tasty and flavorful (although not spicy–it is Germany, after all). Also, the woman who ran Govindam was absolutely wonderful, and was more than happy to give us vegan meals (without a side of yogurt, and with the almond dessert instead of rice pudding).

Another restaurant where we had a couple of lunches was a vegan restaurant called Well Being. The place itself was very pleasant,

and they also had very tasty food (which seemed to be mostly Asian fusion). We went here twice, since it, along with Govindam, was close enough to the University for me to eat there during my lunch break. The first time, we each got a curry.

The second time, Graham got some sushi, 

I got some fried noodles,

and we split some wonton soup.

All of our food here was great, and this soup really made me want to try making some wontons–suggestions are welcome.

In the next post: Signor Verde and Trash Chic.

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  1. August 31, 2010 10:30 pm

    Clearly you found the German version of Chuck E Cheese.

    I hope the scary examination on Monday wasn’t so scary after all!

    • September 2, 2010 7:29 am

      That’s exactly what I thought: German Chuck E Cheese.

      The examination was still a little scary–it involved being put into a confusing closet with many doors, and then being tossed around during an extremely awkward exchange with irritable x-ray technicians. But I got my carte de sejour!

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