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Vegan in Cologne, Part 3: Trash Chic

September 6, 2010

We had a *lot* of fun eating and drinking at Trash Chic. Warning: these pictures aren’t pretty (it’s dark in there!), but the food was delish.

Ah, vegan bar food. Although I wouldn’t feel too good if I did it all the time, I sometimes just want a big plate of fried food and beer… and maybe some cake. Trash Chic, a vegetarian bar (all of whose food can be made vegan) located East of the river in Cologne is the perfect place for a vegan on a budget to eat a ton of delicious bar food and drink a lot of beer.

Needless to say, we went here several times during our stay in Cologne. Here are some of the things we ate:

This was something recommended to us by our very kind server. Unfortunately, I can neither pronounce it nor spell it, although I’m pretty sure it started with a T. We’ll just call it Terrific Seitan and Vegetables with Awesome Gravy.

This was their fantastic doner plate, with fries, a salad, and vegan tzatziki sauce (also server-recommended):

And here are some of their burgers. They have a really good “fish” burger, which is basically tofu coated with seaweed, then battered, then deep fried. Sound weird? Nope, just tasty.

Graham also got this Hawaiian burger (which I think was made “Hawaiian” by the addition of pineapple):

We also got some chili fries, which were great, although not what we expected. You know how if you get chili cheese fries in the US, you get fries topped with chili (the soup) and cheese? Well, apparently, when Kolners offer you chili, they have hot chili flakes in mind.

These, while unexpected, were still exactly what we needed.

These are for Kiki: kroketten! Or what Germans call kroketten–are these the same as what you might get in the Netherlands? I get the feeling that the Dutch version might typically involve ingredients other than potatoes.

These are basically deep-fried potato balls. And they’re really addictive. 

And, in addition to all their wonderful dinners and cheap, delicious Kolsch, they also have vegan cheesecake on offer.

Did I mention how nice they were to us? One night, when it became clear that we weren’t going to be leaving anytime soon, they brought us a chocolate cupcake on the house!

I was in heaven.

Coming here made both me and G realize that, as much as we love (what are now) our Paris haunts, there isn’t really a good, cheap burgers-and-beer bar to go to, a kind of establishment I think we’re both accustomed to having around and now miss. Perhaps our much-loved (and much-missed) mid-Western US bars have a German heritage.

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  1. Caroline Brooks permalink
    September 7, 2010 4:13 pm

    Fun post! You must be gearing up for Barcelona now, huh? Is there much of a vegan scene there that you know of? Well, happy travels, and I can’t wait to hear all about this in person very soon (i need to email you some details shortly)! 🙂

    • September 7, 2010 7:45 pm

      We certainly are getting ready to go to Barcelona–which means that we’re trying to get as much work done as we can before taking off again. I’m really excited, and I’m sure there will be lots for us to eat!

      I look forward to hearing the details of *your* upcoming trip!

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