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Apple Quiche with Smoked Tofu and Pecans

November 1, 2010

Today is the first day of Vegan MoFo, and I’m really excited to see what everyone is going to cook up!

Because I’ve needed a break from writing, I’ve been doing a lot of cooking in the last week, which is good since I’m now supposed to post daily. One thing I had been thinking about doing for quite a while was making little quiches in our creme brulee bowls, since we have no pie pan. Turns out, it works!

These quiches were delicious: fruity, smoky, and filled with herbs and nuts. I used smoked tofu (which is everywhere around here, for some reason), but I would think that a mixture of regular tofu and liquid smoke would work just as well.

First, here’s the crust recipe I used. It turned out fine, although next time I will probably try to make more of it, and cook it a little longer before filling it.

The Crust


1/2 C and 2 Tbsp flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 C chilled coconut oil
1 1/2 Tbsp ice water

I sifted the flour and salt into a bowl, and then cut in the chilled coconut oil using a fork. Once it got the right sort of crumbly texture, I sprinkled on the water, and formed a big dough ball using my hands. I wrapped up the ball and popped it in the refrigerator for half an hour. Then, I cut it in two, and patted each piece into a crust shape in a creme brulee bowl.

In the future, I’ll try making more dough, but not quite so much that it will fill the whole bowl–that would be a lot of quiche!

I then baked the two mini-crusts for 10 minutes at 180 celcius. Next time, I’m going to aim for 15 or 20 minutes.

So, that’s it for the crust. Nothing very special. I’m sure you can use whatever crust recipe you like best.

The Filling

The filling is the really exciting part. Unfortunately, this recipe hasn’t been perfected–as it is, following it will leave you with some leftover cashew-tofu mush. But you can add other things to it later, fry it up, and use it as a salad topping!


1/2 small onion, chopped
1/2 large apple, chopped, but with 4 pretty slices reserved for decorating
1/4 C cashews, ground
200 g smoked tofu
1 tsp herbs de provence
2 Tbsp water
4 giant pecans, chopped
3/4 tsp salt
a few pinches of black pepper


1. Sautee the onion and apple in a pan with a bit of oil, until they begin to brown.

2. Mash the tofu. (I used a fork, but there are certainly easier ways.)

3. Add the ground cashews to the tofu and mash a little more. Now, take 3/4 C of the mixture, and set the rest of it aside (that will be the base for some kind of salad topping tomorrow, remember?).

4. To the 3/4 C of tofu/cashew mixture, add the herbs, water, pecans, salt, and pepper, and mix thoroughly.

5. Finally, add in the apple and onion. (I do these last just because I don’t want them getting totally mashed into the tofu. But if you’d like your quiche a little less chunky, you can mash the apple and onion into the tofu along with the herbs.)

To make the quiches, spoon some of the filling into each pie crust (which has already been partially baked–see above), top each one with some decorative apple slices and chopped pecans, and then bake at 180 celcius for 30 minutes. They should come out looking kind of like this:

Here’s the thing: if you use bowls like the ones I was using, getting the little guys out of the bowls is going to be tough. We first loosened them up by sliding a fork underneath, and then flipped them over. But there is no guarantee that they will make it through this process. This makes me wonder whether using a more heavy-duty crust recipe might be better (or whether simply pre-baking the crust for longer might help). It might also just be hard to remove tiny quiches from creme brulee bowls.

Anyhow, we managed to get them out, and loved them! They’re everything I love about fall, made into a tiny little savory French pastry.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. November 1, 2010 3:23 pm

    These look really wonderful! I almost never use my crème brûlée pans, thank you for this idea!

    • November 1, 2010 3:54 pm

      I think I should really start using ours more often, since they’re some of the only glass and oven-proof bake-ware we have!

  2. November 2, 2010 6:09 am

    How pretty and delicious looking! Happy MoFoing!

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