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Soba Wasabi Salad

November 23, 2010

A great way to use some leftover Soba noodles!

Did you know that wasabi powder usually has green dye added to it? I didn’t, either! That is, until I picked up this jar of pure wasabi powder from Kioko, whose contents were snow-white.

This was a totally delicious salad that G and I threw together one afternoon. It included mixed greens, chopped onion, red cabbage shavings, avocado slices, shredded vegan blue cheese, and a wasabi dressing, all served on top of cold soba noodles.

Since plain soba noodles are pretty boring, I also tossed them with some of the wasabi dressing, along with a little soy sauce, some la yu chili oil, and some gomasio (a mixture of sesame seeds, nori, and salt).

I didn’t take the time to write down how I made the wasabi dressing, but I’m pretty sure I used these ingredients:

-vegan mayo
-rice vinegar
-lemon juice
-agave nectar
-wasabi powder

So, that’s not very helpful. But I guess that’s just what happens when I’m in more of a rush than usual. Anyhow, we will definitely make this again–the wasabi and avocado went really well with the soba noodle seasonings, and the noodles themselves made the meal quite filling. It was the perfect sort of lunch to have on a very rare, sunny Parisian fall day:

Sigh. I had waited about three and a half weeks to see that, and then it was gone a day later.

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