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Oh Bio

February 17, 2011

There’s a new mostly-vegan and all-organic restaurant in town called Oh Bio—and it’s great.

Oh Bio is owned by the same folks who run the greatly-loved vegetarian restaurant Le Potuger du Marais, but Oh Bio is meant to be a little less expensive and more casual. In addition to their daily specials–which run, I believe, from 5 to 10 euros–they have a regular menu that consists of about six different kinds of vegan crepes (where you can have your choice of a regular, buckwheat, or rice crepe) and about 8 different kinds of savory quinoa cakes. I think some of it may come with optional cheese, but that’s easy to avoid.

When G and I went there, I had their fantastic Hungarian goulash crepe,

and G had a delicious Indian quinoa cake.

Each came with a nice side salad with balsamic vinaigrette, and G’s plate came with some fried potatoes.

Oh Bio also has a number of vegan desserts, like lemon-chocolate tartes, green tea cupcakes,

and Charlottes.

These are amazing. The Oh Bio Charlottes have a white cake base which is filled with chocolate chunks and topped with soft pear slices, with an additional top layer of chocolate mousse.

The cupcake I had was okay—I think the frosting had been made out of veg shortening that had been insufficiently whipped, and as a result it had an excessively waxy texture. But Oh Bio clearly has lots of cupcake potential, and their pastry decorator certainly knows what they’re doing. And the Charlottes made up for the imperfect cupcake I ate.

I’m very excited about Oh Bio—it’s just a ten minute walk from our apartment, and the second level (where you can sit if you choose to eat sur la place) has a great view of the Pompidou Centre.

(G, enjoying his quinoa cake on the premier etage.)

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  1. October 20, 2011 1:50 pm

    I’ve totally missed it! Quel dommage. Le Potager is great, anyway,

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