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The Best Care Package Ever

March 14, 2011

Graham’s mom knew we were missing Mexican food, so she sent us a care package with all of those Mexican ingredients we just can’t find here, plus some chocolate. Best mom-in-law ever, for sure.

It was amazing. She sent us real corn tortillas, hot peppers (jalapenos and chipotles), salsas, and refried beans,

spices and Mexican chocolate disks,

and some fancy Trader Joe’s chocolates.

So, let’s just say we’ve been eating a lot of tacos.

The first time we made tacos, I made some tempeh taco meat and some spicy peppers and onions. Graham made some guacamole, and we then just heated up some refried beans and corn tortillas.

Our tacos were made extra special with some melty Vegusto cheese–we had the best of two continents!

These were so wonderful–definitely the spiciest thing I’ve eaten in 10 months, which is exactly what I wanted.

The second time we made tacos, we did essentially the same thing, but instead of using tempeh I made tofu taco meat with chipotles.

Thanks, Pat!

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  1. March 15, 2011 9:36 am

    How cool! I can find most ingredients where I am but we don’t have decent tortillas. Your tacos look mouthwatering.

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