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Restaurant Ravioli

April 25, 2011

If you’re looking for tasty, inexpensive vegan food in the Belleville neighborhood, try Ravioli!

Ravioli is, as you might have guessed, a Chinese dumpling restaurant. Their menu is small: you can get fried dumplings, dumplings in soup, or one of a few different kinds of vermicelli bowls. However, their menu doesn’t need to be bigger–they make all of their dumplings from scratch, and they’re delicious. They have a couple of different kinds of “vegetable” dumplings, although only one kind is vegan (the other kind contains eggs and shrimp).

A plate of fried dumplings like the one pictured above is only 5.50–pretty good for so many home-made dumplings. (Also be sure to eat them with the amazing chili oil kept on the tables!)

Graham enjoyed the fried dumplings.

And be sure to get there early, or be prepared to wait–it seemed to get pretty packed after 9pm or so.

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